Business Plan

The expert team hired by USAID has made a business plan for the start business activities in the STP Čačak, based on positive experiences in the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The key objectives were defined in collaboration with the founders of STP and the final document was adopted by the Assembly STP. Now this is a map of the development path towards achieving the adopted vision.

In various places across the world several thousands of Science and Technology Parks (STPs) are operating. Despite the fact that all of them are implementing similar tasks, it is impossible to find two identical STPs. The reason is the system of conditions and presumptions under which they have been established and operated. So, many terms have been used while referring to them, such as incubator, techno polis, scientific park, innovation centre, technological centre, foundation centre or other names.

Science and Technology Park is an institution oriented towards science, technology and innovative entrepreneurship. It is knowledge (know-how) is used to provide conditions for dynamic development of innovative business enterprises, technology transfer and training for innovative entrepreneurship. The basic functions of STP are to encourage innovation, and to be the incubator for the development of new businesses if necessary.

According to the approved business plan, STP Čačak will implement its activities in the following way:

STP promotion

STP Čačak must be well known in the entire business and research community in the region as a reliable partner in innovation based business.

The implemented activities:

  • Designed the name and logo STP, identification and promotion goals.
  • Preparation of the STP website, which will be part of a broader strategy of marketing and public relations.

Communication - networking

The aim is to increase exchange of the information, enhance cooperation and dissemination of good practice.

This goal will be implemented as one of the first since it does not require extremely high financial resources and also it is crucial for further technology transfer activities. It is crucial to provide companies with internal and external networking services.

When a clearly defined package of services related to the needs of business entities, STP Čačak will start some services supplied at market prices, with possible discounts.

Technology Transfer

The main task is to increase amount of technology / research results transferred directly to the business sector. It will use and enhance experience of some researchers with protection of intellectual property and commercialization of research outputs. The STP will serve both to universities and businesses.

New inventions, technological solutions, new skills and innovation, in addition to local sources, may be transferred from abroad through foreign investors who might be interested in working with local academia and innovative companies. STP will have an active role in promoting the City of Čačak among potential investors.

Highlights two avenues of support in technology transfer:

  • Intellectual property assistance – monitoring of possibilities to protect specific results, research of uniqueness of given solution, cooperation with patent offices, application of patents by relevant institutions both in Serbia and abroad, administrative service of applications; legal assistance in intellectual property area, preparation of licensing agreements for technology.
  • Support of commercialization of intellectual property – evaluation of commercialization potential, licensing agreements for results, identification of businesses which are interested in commercial use of licensed / patented results.

Financial Tools

STP Čačak has no own budget to provide funding to local innovative businesses and academic institutions that support the transfer of technology and innovation. Therefore, we will support the following activities:

  • Company involvement in ongoing programs of grants such as the program of the Innovation Fund – STP will be in charge of monitoring domestic and international programs under which it provides financing of technology transfer and innovation, informing stakeholders, assisting in the submission of claims and administrative management procedures for grants.
  • Mediation in attracting "venture capital" will motivate potential investors between expats, successful local enterprises, foreign owners of venture capital and other sources.
  • We will analyze the possibility of making programs such as vouchers for innovation, fund for proving concepts (proof of concept) or fund patent when the opportunity arose to obtain the financial resources necessary for the provision of grants.


Home Infrastructure is a business area that is assigned by the City of Čačak, equipped and adapted for the core business.

Infrastructure and technological equipment will be improved in a further development, which is essential for laying the foundations of a successful working STP Čačak.

The focus will be on increasing the space and the number of modules Start-up Centre. The aim is to establish and support successful enterprise until it "matures" while they not need to be more space. Guidelines for use Start-up Centre should include a policy on the application of technology, requirement capital, business plan, qualified management, relationship with partner educational institutions and different business. STP Čačak will prepare technical and financial documentation for the reconstruction of part of an existing Brownfield sites in Čačak. STP Čačak will be ready to successfully apply for funds when would be available (external) funding for Brownfield sites and office space.

In the business plan is included a calendar of the future events as they had set the goals. The topics include: human resources, the number of companies that will start a business, finance, problems in daily operations and common mistakes to avoid.

The document will be supplemented during the application and innovate in order to be the right basis and guide of the future development of the STP Čačak.