STP Profile

Science and technology park Čačak has been established to enable collaboration between industry, science and research through the development of new ideas in order to increase the competitiveness of the regional economy.Science and technology park Čačak provides the infrastructure, management and technical assistance to innovative startup businesses, enabling them further growing and development through professional support and technology transfer from academic and research sector.

STP Čačak recognize its role mainly in the connections between entrepreneurs and researchers.There is significant potential for cooperation, but its current level is insufficient for many reasons, such as low motivation of academic sector to collaborate with industry, different strategic objectives and academic sectors of the economy, the economic crisis and lack of funds.STP Čačak need to connect these two sides and to assist in achieving mutual benefit - academia to be able to receive additional funding for the work, and industry could have better and more competitive products.STP Čačak also has the role of incubator of innovative companies through its startup center.

STP Čačak provides the following:

  • Education for innovative entrepreneurship.
  • Support to innovation and the establishment of innovative enterprises.
  • Startup Center Services.
  • Logistics and Technical Support.

Through its activities, STP Čačak should support improved usage of research and development resources and continuously improve the competitiveness of local companies in the domestic and international markets. By supporting the rapid implementation of innovations, the ultimate goal should be the creation of new jobs.