The Program and workplan for 2014

The Assembly of the Science and technology park Čačak has adopted the programme and workplan in 2014. with the following activities:

  1. Publication of the call for innovative entities to became future tenants in the Startup center of Čačak NTP. Call was published in the local newspaper Čačanski glas, on 10 January 2014. The call is placed on the advertisement boards of different institutions in the Moravicki district.
  2. The selection process and moving of tenants along with helping during incubation in Startup Center NTP Čačak, including the establishment of new businesses and new jobs.
  3. Preparing and conducting competitions for work engagement for the necessary positions in the NTP Čačak. Operational work of NTP implies the existence of a minimum number of employees, including the director of the organization. Approved business plan provides nine profiles of jobs and the same number of employees. In order to rationalize and projection of lower costs, and to create the conditions for the financial viability of the organization, this year is foreseen to open three working places. Other necessary work profiles will provide engaging volunteer experts of the organization's founders.
  4. Establishing a network of consultants in NTP Čačak, consisting of experts in various technical and scientific fields, as well as the protection of intellectual property. The consultants will be engaged in accordance with the needs of NTP Čačak, based on the application forms for cooperation.
  5. Mediation in the provision of practical training for students in the companies and their coordination for partnerships between universities, enterprises and NTP.
  6. Delivering the "Feasibility Study" for further steps in the development and successful operation in future, as recommended by USAID consultants.
  7. Establishment, promotion and active participation in the “Serbian Technology Incubators and Parks Network” (STIPNet).
  8. Preparation for registration of innovation activities according to the regulations („Sl. glasnik RS“, br. 16/2011), in order to acquire the status of the holder of innovation activity and potential users of government stimulus measures, through participation in the Contest at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.
  9. Planning and organization of preparatory training in following areas :
    - initiation of startup companies in the NTP Čačak,
    - innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer.
  10. Working visits to the parks and incubators in Serbia, NTP in Ljubljana and Maribor Technopark in order to exchange experiences and best practices.
  11. Creation and production of promotional materials, advertising equipment and other preparatory activities for the successful implementation of business park and housing tenants. NTP Čačak intends to became well known reliable partner to industry and research community in the region in innovative activities in order to create a "critical mass" of potential customers and partners. Main activities that are already underway include the following:
    • Improving visual identity.
    • Designing web portal of NTP Čačak to be part of a broader marketing strategy and public relations. This service should be effective to establish interactive communication with potential innovative companies and researchers.
    • The marketing campaign for positioning NTP Čačak as a leader in supporting and implementing innovation.
    • Initiating the development of a Regional Innovation Strategy of Western Serbia.
  12. Continued networking and cooperation with other NTP and innovation centers, business associations, scientific and research institutions, as well as the introduction of management and the management team with the work of similar institutions in Serbia and Europe.
  13. Preparing applications for donors and development projects, in order to provide sustainable funding in the the following years for NTP Čačak.
  14. Participation in the establishment of new companies within the NTP Čačak, providing sustainability in the future. Young entrepreneurs with innovative business idea, but lacking the experience, the courage or the financial support to start their own business can make partnerships with NTP to share the risk of market survival.
  15. Helping innovators to participate in the "Competition for the best technological innovation" “NTI” in 2014. The aim of the competition is to give a chance to anyone who can generate and create new products based on our own invention. That way you can judge your results, compare them with others, be further evaluated and trained to your product out into the market and provide income, create jobs or establish the own company.
  16. The organization of regional meetings and workshops, as well as a regular meeting of experts responsible for the development of innovative companies and researchers whose results can be commercialized. A concrete result of these activities is to support the establishment of "The Club of innovators"
  17. Organizing the conference participants of the study tour to the UK and to define models for practical applications in our environment.
  18. In collaboration with the Laboratory of Robotics Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) in Belgrade, organize a workshop on robotics. Laboratory for Robotics is a leading scientific research center in robotics and one of the most successful scientific centers of excellence in Serbia. At the same time, it is the oldest robotics lab in South-Eastern Europe and one of the founders (pioneers) the development of humanoid robots in the world. Participants interactive workshop were the teachers of technical education and gifted students, and the moderator will be expert in the IMP. As a result of the workshop, NTP Čačak will arrange for interested students in primary and secondary schools, a series of training (instructional seminars) on its premises.
  19. Maintaining constant communication with the team of NTP Čačak supporters will be organized through meetings at least twice a year.
  20. In order to expand capacity and to strengthen cooperation with the 3D laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo, Čačak NTP will support the establishment of Studio for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.
  21. Forming a team to support innovation activities through hiring a consultant volunteers for innovation, and legal counsel for intellectual property rights.
  22. Based on experience with the study tour the UK organized by USAID of 19 to 24 January 2014 it is possible to implement several programs to support the concept of entrepreneurship, which could be successfully applied:
    • Observing the forms of cooperation between the scientific, educational and economic sectors in the UK in the field of selection and application of innovations, we concluded that the NTP Čačak is founded on a very good concept. We have set up the institution on the principle of public-private partnership with a key objective to become a form of entrepreneurial infrastructure to support the development of entrepreneurship and generate new jobs through the implementation of new solutions within the existing technology. NTP Čačak in its composition has brought together all of the segments and now it is just needed to create and develop services to unite and run existing research capacity and create a package of services that can be delivered to the SME sector.
    • According to described concept, with adaptation to the specific needs of our region, NTP Čačak recommends to successfully carry out the following activities:
      1. Collect data on existing laboratories and research centers in this part of Serbia and analyze the types of services that can be delivered. Define the production capacity of services that they can provide to SME sector mediated by NTP Čačak. Then, to support the official certification, form a network and start to deliver services on a commercial basis through NTP Čačak.
      2. In the first stage of development, NTP Čačak need to continue the development of start-up center and increase infrastructure capacity for new tenants.
      3. There is a huge untapped private business space. In order to encourage young people to start their own business and put that space in the function, a model of VIRTUAL Start-Up Centre should be implemented. The umbrella organization would be NTP Čačak, which will deliver services to members through special units. The package of services consists of free part and the other part that is charged at rates more favourable than the market.
      4. Based on the experience from the UK, we foreseen that in our case can be successfully implemented “membership concept for NTP Čačak", since Čačak municipality already recognize the culture of merging and business associations.
      5. The formation of the concept and business units within the NTP in finding strategic partners and investors for members, and assistance for the sale of innovations.
      6. Assistance in the process of defining, recording and protection of intellectual property for member NTP Čačak.
      7. The establishing of "Innovator club" in the NTP Čačak. Setting rules for the operation and inclusion in international Invention Network. Organization of exhibitions patents and innovation and collective participation in similar fairs in the country and abroad.
      8. Raising awareness of all stakeholders to work towards the launch of an electronic NTP informative magazine.